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Yes, we are Pet friendly

Be Pet Friendly  is to receive your pets with great affection.

We love them like ours, who will be your friends too.

As we will pamper them, we ask you to take care of El Refugio and its people :
You should observe them
  and supervise them in common areas and collect their feces 💩 out of respect for the place, our  guests and environment. 

We have many four-legged guests 🐶, of different sizes and temperaments, as well as people  that come without them, so you need to observe their behavior towards others of their kind and towards human guests. We have outdoor playpens in case it is necessary to separate you from them for some time.  


Bring your food  and his bed or  little blanket, so as not to use what is in cabins for human use (blankets,  towels, mats)

You must sign a responsive upon arrival,  for everyone's peace of mind.

Thank you for your understanding and support in favor of a pleasant rest.

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